Month: November 2016

The Santa Photos 2016

I went home and did the whole “picture of a picture” thing yesterday, so let’s get this Santa post started, shall we? A week ago, we took Daphne to Memorial City Mall… Read More

Christmas Delayed

So I was all set to regale you with tales of last Wednesday’s trip to see Santa and of picking out our Christmas tree… But then I realized I don’t have a… Read More

And… We’re Back!

Hiya.  I missed you guys! And I totally guessed correctly when I said that I might not have time to post.  There was wayyy too much going on with our Thanksgiving/Xmas preparations last… Read More

Hey, Thanks!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve taken the rest of the week off. Er, sort of. I did kinda work from 6:45 – 9:45 today…  But I was at home!   I did… Read More

Nervous Without Service

Hey there. So our weekend was even quieter than I’d originally expected, since Daphne was running a low-grade fever for the entirety of it.  Hopefully we’re on the other side of that… Read More

White Anglo-Saxon Post

I’ve already talked at great length about the ongoing battle with the ants in my home.  (The struggle continues, by the way.) But there’s another insectoid pest that keeps inexplicably showing up…. Read More

Mornings Revisited

So things are beginning to steady (somewhat), with our new morning schedule. Daphne’s wake-up times still vary a bit, but they’re beginning to settle at around 7:30, with a delta of 30 minutes… Read More

The Poopsmith

There are days when I feel like way too much of my life is spent shuttling feces from one place to another. So let’s start with the obvious changing of poopy diapers directly… Read More

It’s Cuddlin’ Time!

Yeah.  Turns out The Thing had it all wrong… I’ve talked before about how cuddly Daphne has become, but lately she’s gone right past the point of cuddling and into the realm of… Read More

Swing House Dancing

Hey! How was your weekend? Good, good…   Glad to hear it. Oh, mine? Well, it started off with me forcing myself to leave the office at a reasonable hour on Friday… Read More