Month: May 2017

Tee Tee Party

Yep.  It happened. And with very little coaxing, I might add.  We just plopped her down on that adorable little toilet you see above and sang “Tinkle Tinkle Little Star” to her…. Read More

Stars and Pigtails

Hi there. So I’ll do a quick catch-up post.  We did indeed go to Comicpalooza a while back. And Daphne had a miserable time, as you can plainly see. That said, there… Read More

Wayback Machine: Spring Break

I just got the pictures back from our beach trip in March; prep your data plans accordingly. We also had our annual trip to Comicpalooza this weekend, however I’m afraid that little… Read More

Weekending Again

I have Office 365 admin training all week, so the posts will be even more sparse right now. But here’s a bit from our weekend. Friday was Daphne’s 2-year doctor visit.  And… Read More

American Boo

Daphne received an animatronic “Boo the Dog” as a gift and it’s become one of her favorite toys this week. If you press a button on the tail, Boo waddles his way… Read More

Party Like You’re 730 Days Old

Saturday saw our family gathering for Daphne’s 2nd birthday. Jen did a fantastic job getting all the decorations and cupcakes organized. Obviously Daphne really enjoyed the balloons. As a matter of fact,… Read More