Month: April 2017

Dear Daphne – 2 Years

You are two today. Two. How is it possible that it’s been a year since I wrote this? And in the way of a securing another gift for yourself today, you made the… Read More

Children’s Museum

Meanwhile, on Bumbleday… I’m bored, Daddy… BumbleDad:  You’re absolutely right, kiddo. We’ve been in the house for way too many Sundays in a row. Let’s get out of here and go…to…um, the… Read More

Easter Sunday

Hi. We spent Easter afternoon at my brother’s house, where Daphne ran and played and laughed and generally had a fantastic time. Hmm…  “Molecular Biology” sounds like a good one. And there… Read More

Swinging Weekend

And this would be her very first shoulder-ride, now that she’s old enough to understand she must somehow hang on to dad’s bald head… Alex seems worried, though. j.s.

Good Morning…

I wish I was this happy right when I wake up… Have a great weekend. j.s.


I’m going to give some very direct talk about where we’re living right now. Daphne’s 2nd birthday is the end of this month, and she still isn’t speaking. According to nearly everything… Read More

First Wedding Stuff

Obviously there aren’t pictures of Daphne from the actual ceremony… But what I do have are a couple candids that were snapped when people had the chance. This horse was a hit,… Read More


I know I promised flower girl photos… And I’m pretty sure they exist, somewhere. I hope. Sadly, I was a little busy before the wedding, and I stashed my phone during the… Read More