Month: February 2016

iPhone Denied

Behold how the refusal to hand over one small electronic device can RUIN MY WHOLE LIFE FOREVER, DADDY! j.s.

Watching Fire

As I mentioned earlier this week, I played through Firewatch last weekend, which was pretty damn good. There are no aliens, no zombies, no sleek cars, and zero guns.  So if that’s… Read More

Booty of the Month – February

Yep, February’s theme is “Dead,” which is fitting since both Deadpool and The Walking Dead were a big part of this month’s entertainment repertoire. What’s in the bahhhks?!? Lovely. Ah yes.  Deadpool.  I’m… Read More

Higher Learnin’

So it’s been relatively quiet the past few days.  Well, for me anyway. Jen has been grinding through her in-service Hell Week (all while dealing with some particularly troublesome students), so she’s had… Read More

There Are Times…

Daphne, there are times when your father is stately, composed and serene. Times when he’s more comfortable smoking a pipe in a Hugo Boss suit than lounging in pajamas a t-shirt. Times when… Read More


Hey. Sorry about missing the post on Friday; things have been pretty busy.  And it looks like they’ll remain busy for the rest of this week while Jen wraps up her evening in-service… Read More

Booty Fellini

I thought I’d do a Booty of the Month post today, but there really wasn’t a whole lot that was worthwhile in January’s Loot Crate there.  And since we’re a week away… Read More

Some People Think It’s Funny…

Over the past week, the dials on my little girl’s nasal cavities have somehow been set to “Unrelenting Deluge,” and we’re not exactly sure how to ebb the green nostril tide. Seriously.  I’ve… Read More

SEQUENCES – Valentine’s

“Worst. Valentine’s Day.  Ever.” “Sure, I got this awesome caterpillar…” “And we took the dome thingy off this blanket, so I can crawl around easier.”    “Honestly, I’ve made out pretty well… Read More


Hi. So I took a bunch of pictures of Daphne on Valentine’s Day with the 9′ pink and red worm that I bought for her on Friday. (Which is marginally less creepy than… Read More