Month: November 2015

Thanks Again

Hi there.  It’s nice to be back. So Thanksgiving was excellent, thanks for asking.  I started the brining process on Tuesday night when I got home from work, combining the random potpourri… Read More

The Daphne Holiday Waltz

So we hung one of those bouncy-jumpy-chair-thingies from the doorway to the utility closet this weekend.  Daphne wasn’t so sure about it the first time we dropped her into it, and demanded to… Read More

SEQUENCES – Whole Foods

  Hiya! We’re at the “Grilled Cheese Bar” at Whole Foods. And I have no idea what any of that means. I do love this place on Sundays, though.   The people here… Read More


I’m going to deviate from my normal gaming talk today, mostly because I don’t have much new to say.  Still playing Fallout.  Still playing Overwatch.  Running some new Commander decks in MTGO.  Otherwise… Read More


Hi there. It seems yesterday’s post struck a chord with you guys; thanks for all the positive feedback.  I appreciate it.  Which unfortunately means that today’s post is going to suck by… Read More

BabyFirst to Worst

So for the majority of the day, our television is locked in on the BabyFirst channel. This is what has become of my state-of-the-art entertainment system. Not only has Daphne seen so many… Read More

Auto Response

This one is going to be short, since I’m waiting on the Xmas lights guys to arrive and install my lights in the middle of a mid-autumn monsoon. So, on Sunday we… Read More

Festive Collisions

There’s a strange confluence of holidays happening in the suburbs right now. On my street there’s a house that still has Halloween pumpkins decomposing on their front porch, the yard next door has a wooden… Read More

Who Watches the Overwatchers?

  You know, last weekend’s marathon would have been so much easier if I’d had some of the options that are available to me this week. A friend got me access into the… Read More


  “Oh hi.  Tiny Sniffs is sleeping, so no ‘Sequences’ today.”   “It’s just Jib this time.”     “Jib is on guard duty.” “It’s a very important job.” “One that…requires vigilance…” “And…strength… Read More