Month: January 2017

PAX 2017 – Episode V

[[Continued from Yesterday]] Jump back to the first post HERE. SATURDAY It turned out that one of the biggest X-Wing tournaments of the year, part of FFG’s “System Open Series,” was taking… Read More

PAX 2017 – Episode IV

I’m going to split this into 2 posts, because there’s quite a bit to cover. THURSDAY Just as I was about to leave the office to get things started, I got a… Read More

Great PAXpectations

Tonight we’re heading to our 3rd Annual Penny Arcade Expo Family Outing. Last year… Unfortunately I had an untimely second lace strap break on my sneakers on Monday, which transitioned their status from… Read More


Post is on the late side, but it’s been a really busy day. Normally I write these things during my lunch hour, but I worked straight through today. Well, that and I’m… Read More

Night Night Revisited

Daphne has been waking up, for the past week or so, at both 1am and 3:30am. Yep, we’ve gone retro.  Back to the days when I’d trudge up and down the stairs… Read More

Swinging to Sleep

Always too short, those weekends. Saturday we took Daphne over to the local park to swing for a bit. Which was great fun until she started to doze off whilst still in the… Read More

Fake Plastic Trees

No, I’m not talking about Radiohead. Although that is one of my favorite songs of theirs. No, I’m going much more geeky than that. (Are you shocked by this?)  I’m talking about the… Read More

Move On, Mumford

The girl is officially over Sesame Street. Well, at least for the time being. I tried to go with an old YouTube standby this morning… And, with the obvious exception of “Mahna Mahna,”… Read More

Wingin’ It

You know, there’s not a whole lot new to report today. I was out at my Friendly Local Gaming Store playing X-Wing until WAYYY too late last night.  I had no idea… Read More


Next week we pack up the fam and head back to Seguin/San Antonio for the Penny Arcade Expo 2017, affectionately known as PAX. We do need these stinkin’ badges. This typically makes… Read More