Month: April 2016


The Overwatch Closed Beta is over.  And I have had no idea what to do with my nights all week. I’ve been trying to find reasonable substitutes, and have found each game lacking…. Read More

Dear Daphne – One Year

Hello daughter. Today is your first birthday. Someday you’re going to understand this, but today’s milestone is as much a celebration of you as it is your mother and me.  Because we… Read More

A Year Gone By

April 27th, 2015 was a very strange day in my life. It was a Monday.  I’d taken the day off of work.  Alex was recovering from the gallon of sedation necessary to… Read More

Morning After Morning

Each morning at about 7:15, I am awakened by the same sound. Namely, my daughter shouting, “DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!” directly into the microphone of our Summer HD Baby Monitor. I have no idea how she figured… Read More

Open Roofs and AVON Walks

Hey there. So the baseball game this weekend was…  Well, it was hot. It seems that if the temperature is 84 degrees or less 2 hours before gametime, the roof remains open at Minute… Read More


Tomorrow will mark Daphne’s very first Red Sox game. Go Sox. Some of you might be unaware of the gravity of this event, and no amount of explanation on my part will do it… Read More

On the Mend & His Royal Badness

So Jen is starting to feel better; she actually went to work today. Thanks for the well-wishings. We’re still holding out hope that Daphne’s immune system, and mine for that matter, hang… Read More

Strep Strapped

Yesterday we found out why Jen has been feeling so crappy for the past few days… She has strep throat. So now our house has gone into bacterial damage control mode, letting Jen… Read More

Raising Texas

My daughter is a Texan. That’s a strange thing for me to think about, let alone write. But she is. She was born here. She’s from The South. A Southerner. And no amount… Read More

Snorkel Time

Hi there. Situation normal.  We’re all fine here now.  We’re all fine… “How are you?” Yes, Houston is taking a sound beating from all the rain.  Particularly out here on the west… Read More