Month: September 2016

Episode V: The Arthropods Strike Back

As I mentioned, there’s been a war going on in my house for quite some time between myself and the slavering horde of ants. “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.” And as it turns… Read More

Strutting Time

It’s been kind of a ridiculous day all around. First was the morning visit from the exterminator.  We’re now officially losing the battle against the ants, but I’ll talk more about that… Read More

Class of 2033

Yeah, go ahead and let that one sink in… Because it just occurred to me this past Sunday before we left for brunch. Class. Of. 2033. How is that even a thing? Do you… Read More

Aqua Block

Hey there. So, like every weekend, this one shot by in a hurry. Saturday we stayed home for most of the day and just played around the house.  I had an airport… Read More

Got No Game

I’m going to geek rant a little today.  Feel free to skip over this one if you’re not interested in gaming and/or Star Wars. Yesterday was the release date for X-Wing Wave 9, so I… Read More

Snubbin’ Woobies

Things at home are quiet. And that is just fine by me. Nothing has broken/exploded in the house recently, although I’m certain I just jinxed it by saying that. Summer is winding down, theoretically*,… Read More

SEQUENCES – No Pictures

[This one was too short to merit a full Spark Post, so I just embedded it like back in the good ol’ days.] No, I’m not really feeling the camera this morning. So… Read More

On Demand

I’m pretty good with dogs. Jib is an extraordinarily well-behaved puppy.  (Sure, he’s 9.  I still call him a puppy.)   He listens well, dutifully comes to me when I call him, he even carries… Read More


Zoom goes the weekend. Although that’s always the feeling I have when I spend the majority of said weekend lounging around the house.  Weird how that somehow makes the days go by so… Read More

Boys of October

So I haven’t mentioned this very often on here (mostly because they were so damned awful last year), but we are huge Red Sox fans ’round these parts. My God, was she really… Read More