Month: December 2015

Catch Up

You know, all you need is holiday in your life to truly screw up your schedule.  Either that or I’m just trying to fit way too much stuff into the next 24… Read More

Christmas Recap

Hi there. I’m back…sorta.  But I’ll get to that in a minute. So the holiday was quite good to the Shaws this year, thank you very much. We did Christmas eve BBQ at… Read More

Merry Christmas

A Free Moment

Hi there. Jen has taken Little Miss Daphne to see her great-grandmother,  so I find myself with a free moment to say, “hello.” The presents are built and wrapped, the dogs have… Read More


Hiya. So I’m afraid that things are going to go dark around here for the next few days while I finish up the last of our Christmas preparations and then, you know, actually do… Read More

Mood Quakes

Hi there.   Our weekend was good, thanks for asking.  Jen did her Pure Barre stuff on Sunday, so Daphne and I watched the Texans somehow suck their way into not losing…. Read More


I HAVEN’T SEEN THE FILM, SO THIS POST IS SPOILER-FREE.  So today is The Day.  Although if I’m being totally honest with you guys, I have no idea when (or if), we’re going… Read More

SEQUENCES – Christmas Bells

“See that, Daphne?  It’s a bell.  It makes a ringing sound.“ “Like this.“ *gasp!* “Wizardry!” *ring* *ring* “Mom!  Did you know Dad is a wizard?” “Lemme try that…”    *clunk* *clunk*  “I think it’s… Read More


The 200th post. Wow. Kinda hard to believe. Although I did start this thing last February, so I guess it makes sense that nearly a year later I’d manage to fill 200 of these little… Read More

Holiday Scheduling

I know, it’s almost 6 and no posty, posty.  Sorry. The holidays are here though, and so there’s a bit more stress on my schedule than usual.  Today, for example, was our annual… Read More