Month: October 2015

Extra Life Prep

  So given that Extra Life has crept up on us and is NEXT WEEKEND, I thought I’d go over a few of the games I’m planning on playing. On the vidja game front,… Read More

SEQUENCES – Football Life

Oh hi. Jib and I were just about to throw the football. Wait!  Where IS the football? Is it over there? Or back here? Are you sitting on it? Wait, am I… Read More

Dear Daphne – 6 Months

Today you are exactly six months old.  And we’ve come a very long way since that bizarre day at the hospital. You have transcended your original status as a cacophonous and inefficient… Read More

The Daphne Playlist

It’s true.  My daughter is old enough to not just recognize songs, but actually prefer certain ones over others. I’d like to say that she’s still all in on her father’s Alt-J, Sigur Rós, Slint,… Read More

Booty of the Month Club – October

Yep, it’s that time again.  And, coincidentally, this month’s theme was “Time;” a nod to the “Back to the Future Day.”   “Alex is still hurt, so it’s just Jib this month.  Sorry.” “Any… Read More

If They Should Bar Wars…

So I guess you’ve all seen the new Star Wars trailer by now… I kid. Seeing this got me wondering, what is the best way to introduce these to your kids? Do… Read More

Finding a Way

How will you go about finding that thing, the nature of which is totally unknown to you? -Plato- I’m seeing this quote pop up on Facebook quite a bit lately (which means… Read More

SEQUENCES – Pure Barre

        Hi Daddy.  Mommy is at Pure Barre. I’m into Pure Barre too, you know.      Okay, I will teach you.  First we stretch a little. Now reach up with both arms and wiggle your shoulders…… Read More

Sour Apples

So I truly lived up to the “BumbleDad” moniker this Saturday…  I had no idea that baby food went bad so quickly. Not denoted on the label is that the contents of this… Read More

Rough Around the Edges

Okay Similac… My daughter is absolutely thriving on your strange milkpaste.   I have no idea how this is possible, but I’m very thankful for it. That said, you guys really need… Read More