Month: May 2016


Ah, Memorial Day. Perfect for BBQ, beers, and baby pools.  All of which were partaken of during the long weekend. As you can see, Daphne absolutely loathed the entirety of her first pool experience…. Read More


Overwatch.  Has.  Released. They’re not taking it, or any of my skins/sprays/highlights/levels/etc, away ever again. **fanfare** So, in celebration, I thought I’d do a minor film fest of all the “shorts” that they’ve… Read More


Once upon a time, not long ago, I would collect my daughter from her crib every morning and we’d head downstairs to lie down and take another quick nap. Like this. And… Read More

Baby Steps

My little girl is walking. Granted, she takes just a few steps before she hits the deck and starts again, but there’s definitely walking happening.    I know, kiddo.  Daddy is proud of… Read More

Booty of the Month – May

Yeah, I skipped April because it wasn’t really worth discussing; I think I gave most of it away to my co-workers. But May’s crate was a little better. The theme was: Which seems… Read More


A busy weekend just rocketed by.  It was a good one though. Saturday we ventured into The Loop to catch up with some friends for a graduation party.  And Daphne, aside from being… Read More


I am officially sick of waiting for Overwatch. Fortunately the game releases on Monday at 6pm, so I only have to wait a few more days to get back to playing with… Read More

Reprieve of Repose

These past few nights Daphne has been waking up and crying multiple times, usually around 1am and again at 4am.   Which is a throwback to the days of 90-minute sleep increments and… Read More

The BumbleWalk

As you undoubtedly know by now, Daph and I do a weekly stroll around the creek in our neighborhood every Sunday morning. But what you might not know is what the time leading up to that… Read More


So these have not been the easiest of days with Daphne.  She has, of late, taken to wailing at the top of her little lungs at the drop of a hat. “NNNYGRAAAAAAAH!”  Need a… Read More