Christmas Delayed

So I was all set to regale you with tales of last Wednesday’s trip to see Santa and of picking out our Christmas tree…

But then I realized I don’t have a single digital copy of Daphne’s picture with Santa.

That’s right.  Santa’s little extortion elves not only charged me $30 for 2 small printouts, they also had the brass jingle bells to ask for another $30, just for the luxury of a URL where I could download their shots.

No way in hell, you shady little Legolas-wannabes.


Anyway, I figured it would be unfair of me to talk about the trip, and show all the pictures leading up to sitting on Santa’s lap, then not deliver the goods at the end.

So instead I’m going to drop a picture of our walk this morning, and show you the face of a little girl who’s clearly up to something.


And I promise that I’ll get that Santa pic uploaded somehow by tomorrow.

See you then.


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