Month: June 2017

Woobie Snuggles

Try and tell me that’s not fun to say aloud. Daphne has started to become very attached to the blanket that her great-grandmother gave her. So much so that, today, she wanted… Read More

Fish Hooking

Good afternoon, everyone. The past couple days have been interesting ones, and so I thought I’d give a quick update. First, Daphne has taken to what I’ve called “fish hooking” her food… Read More

Happy Birthday, Jib

Before I was Daphne’s daddy, before I even met Daphne’s mommy, I was Jib’s dad. And today marks the 10-year anniversary of the day that I brought him home from the Houston… Read More

Stretch Marked

I have a terrible secret to unveil… So, Jib has this thing about chewing rivets/buttons/zippers off my clothes. And I mistakenly left my laundry on the bed while I went to work… Read More


In the way of updating, Daphne’s first session with her speech language pathologist was yesterday. And I suppose it went well. (I was at work, so I missed it.) It sounds like… Read More