Woobie Snuggles

Try and tell me that’s not fun to say aloud. Daphne has started to become very attached to the blanket that her great-grandmother gave her. So much so that, today, she wanted to carry it with her out… Read More

Fish Hooking

Good afternoon, everyone. The past couple days have been interesting ones, and so I thought I’d give a quick update. First, Daphne has taken to what I’ve called “fish hooking” her food out of her mouth. For those… Read More

Happy Birthday, Jib

Before I was Daphne’s daddy, before I even met Daphne’s mommy, I was Jib’s dad. And today marks the 10-year anniversary of the day that I brought him home from the Houston SPCA. He still sleeps right about… Read More

Stretch Marked

I have a terrible secret to unveil… So, Jib has this thing about chewing rivets/buttons/zippers off my clothes. And I mistakenly left my laundry on the bed while I went to work last week, with the intent of… Read More


In the way of updating, Daphne’s first session with her speech language pathologist was yesterday. And I suppose it went well. (I was at work, so I missed it.) It sounds like we’ve already been doing a lot… Read More