Swing House Dancing


How was your weekend?

Good, good…   Glad to hear it.

Oh, mine?

Well, it started off with me forcing myself to leave the office at a reasonable hour on Friday afternoon.  I think 55 hours is a respectable total for a workweek (especially when one is salaried and doesn’t receive overtime pay), so I don’t feel guilty at all about this.  Besides, I still had a bunch of work to do on Saturday morning.

Anyway, Jen and I headed out for our date night early and decided on MKT Bar for a light dinner before the show.  Neither of us had been there before, but I’d read positive reviews and had a good feeling about it.


And the reviews were right; it was fantastic.

If you happen to find yourself in downtown Houston, I highly recommend you check it out.  Oh, and get a full order of the Za’atar Fries.  You can thank me afterward.

zaatarfriesmktThese golden guys right here…

More importantly, when we arrived there the overwhelming uniformity of suburbia was suddenly replaced with a vibrant and different scene.  From local artist prints adorning the walls, to TV on the Radio/Talking Heads/Arcade Fire/Alt-J on the speakers, to the patrons who looked like they might have more interesting conversational topics than commuter traffic, HOA fees, and/or the merits of Michelob Ultra…it was clear that we’d left the Applebee’s sect far behind.

I mention this because, particularly after last week, it was comforting to be reminded that I’m not alone.  There are places around here where people are more like me.  I just forget about them because of where I’ve chosen to live.

Anyway, it was nice.

After dinner and a drink, we headed to the Hobby Center for Cinderella.

hobbycenterstagecinderOur seats were a little obscured, but otherwise excellent.

The show was actually a fundraiser for Russian orphanages or something, so the set design was a little amateur in parts.  But I was assured that Misty Copeland was very good, and Jen seemed happy with the show.  Husband winning.

Daphne was also very well-behaved while we were out, which was awesome as well.

Saturday we hung around the house (I finished up the aforementioned work stuff), until all of us started to get a little stir crazy.  At which point we hopped into the Juke and went out to look at a house in Wallis, TX that had strangely bubbled into focus.  (Note: I’m not looking to buy a house right now, nor are we trying to sell our house, so don’t ask me how or why I do these things…they just manifest themselves sometimes and demand further investigation.)

wallis-house-exterior1 wallishouseentrance wallishousediningwallishouseinterior wallishouseinterior2 wallishouseporch

It was originally built in 1890, and was relocated to Wallis in 1999.  And if you look closely at those photos, you can see how much work and love the house would require for it to become a livable space.  Not the least of which is that it doesn’t appear to have any bathrooms…  Or indoor plumbing for that matter.

But, more importantly, we were informed later that day that the house had been sold last month. This was after I’d trespassed on the property for a solid 5 minutes.  This being Texas, I’m very lucky I wasn’t shot.

So we drove around aimlessly for a bit longer (until it felt like we were pushing our luck with Daphne’s good mood), then headed back to our neighborhood.   We pulled over at one of our pocket parks so Daphne could stretch her legs and play for a bit.

And, as you might’ve seen on Facebook, her favorite part of these parks are unquestionably the swings.



swingfistbumpmommy“Fistbump, Mommy!”


swinglonglegsShe’s getting so long…

More good times.

BumbleDay was very low key in comparison to the rest of the weekend.  We just stayed home and played all morning, then did our normal grocery run.  Although we did stop for a throwback dinner at the Whole Foods grilled cheese bar, which was awesome and sorely missed.

Which brings us neatly to Monday.  A workday. And so I’ve got to get back to it.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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