Summer’s Providence

Hi there. You know, it’s an odd thing. I used to write here so often that I’d instinctively know where the last post’s timeline ended and the new one should begin, each… Read More

Birds, Bees, & Trees

Oh, hi! I totally didn’t see you there… Um, wait. Exactly how long have you been standing over there? So you’ll all be happy to know that we’ve long since rounded the… Read More

COVID Stove In

Yeah… I guess it was finally our turn. We ducked, dodged, moved, masked, sanitized, and social distanced that thing for over 2 years. But just 5 days after they lifted the mask… Read More

Arcing Back Toward the Sun

Well… That was a quick 4 months. Between the holidays, preparing for winter, and a whole lotta day job (and the need to rest after all the hours at said day job),… Read More

Leaving Leaves

Hi there. Seasons have indeed swung up here… It appears that the Northeast Kingdom is at the vanguard of that whole “autumn foliage” thing. The trees began to noticeably change colors here… Read More

Zoom Meeting

No. Not that kind… The kind where you and your new neighbor speed around on one of those 4-wheel thingies for an afternoon. (“Eh, Teevees,” I’m told they’re called.) Now I’ll level… Read More

Orchards and Australorps

I told you all this day was coming… “What we are dealing with is a miracle of evolution… All this machine does is eat, sleep, and make breakfast.” These little gals were… Read More

Sunsetting a Summer

While it might not feel that way to many of you, we’re rounding the bend on summer up here in Vermont, and the first hints of autumn are beginning to nudge their… Read More

There Will Be Bawks

You know, I had a solid, “posting once a week” schedule thing going there for a while, and then work exploded under my helmet and I utterly lost the groove. But I’m… Read More


Doesn’t seem possible that it’s been a month since we moved in here, but it’s true! Although, when I think back to the pulpy blob that was threatening to engulf our house… Read More