Doesn’t seem possible that it’s been a month since we moved in here, but it’s true! Although, when I think back to the pulpy blob that was threatening to engulf our house… Read More

Starting to Come Together

Hi there. So it’s been about a week since I talked to you last (a brutal one on the work front, but that’s not a particularly entertaining story) and things have started… Read More

Vermont Varmint

So we’ve put a bit of distance between us and Canaan these past couple weeks, so I’d like to revisit one of the more unpleasant aspects of our short time in the… Read More

Moved In

Hey there. This is obvously a long overdue post, but as you might imagine we’ve been rather busy over here. And, so as to not bury the lead, I am typing this… Read More


So we’ve gotten close enough now, and everything else has stayed relatively on track the past 2 months, so this is the part where I tempt fate and talk about something that… Read More

Cruising Canaan

Hi there! So I’m attempting this radical concept called “taking a weekend off.” It’s a new thing, and I assume many of you are as unfamiliar with it as I am, so… Read More

Day Six – The Finale

It is finished. And now it’s begun. I’ll tell you this, today’s drive felt a heckuva lot longer than 4 1/2 hours. Actually that’s not true. The first couple hours were great…. Read More

Day Five

One more to go. Let’s see, where did we leave you guys… Midnight in Winchester, surrounded by bed popcorn, right? We had another late morning today, although a good percentage of that… Read More

Day Four

Clear! Another day northward in the books, and yet another fantastic effort by the little girl in the back seat. Seriously, not a single fussy outburst from Daph, and were in the… Read More

Day Three

And pay no attention to the map above, we actually did decide to take the faster route that’s at the bottom of the image and run through Atlanta. Although “run” is not… Read More