Month: March 2017

Forewarned for Wed

It’s quite possible that there will not be a post this Friday… My brother-in-law is getting married on Sunday, and so I’ll be starting the weekend a little early by meeting him for… Read More

Four Stranded, Fishtailed and Upside-Down French Milkmaids

I don’t know how to braid hair. I know! This after that boast post yesterday about what a capable father I am… And we’re probably not far from the day when we’ll need… Read More


I’d be lying if I said these kinds of things didn’t irk me a little. They’re actually the impetus behind the name of this website. I am not some bumbling idiot that… Read More

Parental Break

As the title suggests, we got an afternoon off this weekend. My mom came over on Friday night to watch Daphne, so Jen and I spent Saturday wandering around our favorite spot… Read More

Full Week Weary

The end of your first full week at work after being on vacation is always rough. Add to that a particularly challenging week, what with all the server issues/sleep interruptions/other work things that… Read More

Marry Aries

Hi. So I’d like to take a moment to wish my wonderful wife a happy birthday today. Daphne and I couldn’t have asked for a better mother and partner (respectively), in our… Read More

No Rest for the Wiki

More server fireworks. More mid-night awakenings. This is turning into one helluva week. So Daphne awoke again at about 3am this morning. At least I think she did. In all honestly she… Read More


Nothing like a hard drive failure on your server to light a fire under an afternoon. But hey, at least it wasn’t something more catastrophic.  Like a motherboard failure or something. **knocks… Read More

The Opposite of Nap

So we had a pretty slow weekend, all things considered. I actually didn’t leave the house at all until it was time for Sunday’s Whole Foods run, which was nice after several… Read More

Board Game Report: Beach Edition

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the weather necessitated a lot of indoor amusement at the beach this week. As such, there was a nightly bout of board games that began around 9pm… Read More