The Santa Photos 2016

I went home and did the whole “picture of a picture” thing yesterday, so let’s get this Santa post started, shall we?

A week ago, we took Daphne to Memorial City Mall for her Santa visit.  Although as soon as we arrived, one of Santa’s elves blocked our progress by clipping a velvet rope across our path and informed us that Santa needed to “go feed the reindeer.”  (Which is a euphemism I’ve decided to employ for my bathroom breaks throughout the holiday season as well.)

So we let Daphne run around the mall for a bit, and took a few pictures with her.



Then, after 15 minutes or so (Santa must’ve had a salad), the big guy returned and we were first in line to go see him.  The velvet rope elf made sure of this, despite the protestations of a woman who haughtily reminded us all that SHE had a 2pm appointment with Santa.

Seriously?  Who makes an appointment with Santa?

Anyway, we weren’t sure how Daphne was going to react to being put on a stranger’s lap, but she tolerated it fine for the 30 seconds that it took to get this moment in time captured:

daphsanta2016Pretty mediocre photographic fakery, they cut off Santa’s hat!” 

For an idea of how much she’s grown, here’s the Santa photo from last year.  (For scale, that’s the exact same bow in her hair.)

This was a much better Santa, too.

I’ve already mentioned the shakedown that happened after we sat with Santa, so I won’t go over that again.

From there we headed over to the food court and had some lunch, and Daphne got to take a spin on the carousel.

daphxmas16carousel“Uh…  Has this thing been inspected by an authorized agent of the Commission of Labor & Industry?”

Then we went to Enchanted Gardens to pick out our tree for the year.  Well, not “we.”  Daphne was much less cooperative than she was the last time.

She started crying inconsolably as we were walking the rows of trees.  Her normal naptime had been interrupted by our Santa trip though, so she was likely feeling rather…delicate.  So Jen carried her over to look at the farm animals while I picked out our tree and scheduled it for delivery that Friday.  Which happened to be the same day that the Xmas light installer guys were coming as well.





I do complain about it quite a bit…  But it’s home.

See you guys tomorrow.


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