And… We’re Back!

Hiya.  I missed you guys!

And I totally guessed correctly when I said that I might not have time to post.  There was wayyy too much going on with our Thanksgiving/Xmas preparations last week to make it to a keyboard.

So, let’s set the Wayback Machine for last Tuesday evening.

I finished up the BumbleBrine, and carefully lowered Titus into it for THE SALTENING.

bumblebrine16Da BumbleBrine

On Wednesday, Jen and I decided that it might be a good idea to handle some of our Christmas preparations a bit early so as to avoid the crowds.  So we took Daphne to the mall for her annual Santa visit/picture, and then on the way home we stopped at Enchanted Gardens to pick out our Christmas tree and scheduled its delivery for the day after Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning I rolled out of bed at 4am and staggered into the kitchen to start working on the 28 lb. monster that was Titus Andronturkus.  And it turned out that this year was…easy.  Titus finished ahead of schedule (no clue how that happened), and everyone seemed to agree that their respective cooking processes went surprisingly smoothly.

finishedtitusturkey16Titus, photobombed by the dogs’ meds.

Jen’s fantastically decorated table.

jenstgivingtable16The centerpiece.

Dinner itself was great too.  Daphne fell asleep 10 minutes before we sat down to eat so, for a brief shining moment, Jen and I thought we were going to luck out and have an uninterrupted dinner.
Alas, it was not to be.
She woke up on the wrong side of the play yard just as I put the first bite of turkey into my mouth.  So we lifted her out and calmed her down, then pulled her high chair over to the table and Little Baby Bummed her into submission while the rest of us ate.  The result of which is that the American hygge that I try to engender in my home during the holidays was a bit subdued, but hopefully still there for everyone.

Afterward we rested on the couch as people slowly departed for home, and then we packed up to go to the Uptown Holiday Lighting.  Which is also always a good time.

daphtrainholidaylighting16There will be more from this dress later…

I’m also happy to report that, much like last year, Daphne wasn’t frightened at all by the fireworks.  Quite the opposite, actually.


And after a couple hours of watching her zoom around the hallways of the Post Oak Hilton, we called it a night and headed home.  An excellent holiday all around.

I hope each of your holidays went as swimmingly as ours.  And those aforementioned Santa/Christmas tree photos will be coming later this week, I promise.

See you tomorrow.


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