Month: July 2015

Five Wonderful Years

  And I’d do every second of it again in a heartbeat. I love very much, my wife. j.s.

Somno WAY!

  SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!   We’re talking 10pm to 7am here, people!  And sure, when she awoke she was as ravenous as a stoned Dom DeLuise in a nacho factory… But… Read More

Booty of the Month Club – July

This arrived in the mail yesterday, and was a welcome respite from my Jib worries.  The theme for this month was “Heroes 2.”  Hopefully it’s better than the second season of Heroes. So… Read More

Dear Daughter – Three Months

Somehow a couple months have rocketed by, and you’re officially 3 months old today.  I looked back at your one month post and was astonished at how much you’ve grown in these past… Read More


Hi there. The weekend was fine, and filled with a lot of Magic Online sealed deck tournaments.  No, strike that.  A lot of losing Magic Origins tournaments. (I absolutely despise core sets; I’m glad… Read More

Enter The International

Yes, I’ve calmed down since yesterday’s post.  But what you didn’t see was that WordPress ate the entirety of the first copy post, after I’d finished it.  All drafts gone.  Zero restore points. I… Read More


So the baseball game was fine.  The Astros hit lots of home runs.  The Red Sox are fundamentally terrible.  All went as expected. What wasn’t expected, however, was the sheer violent rage… Read More

Land of Lansdowne

Today is Red Sox day.   Dad, Derek and I are headed in later this afternoon to watch the ‘Stros beat the hell out of the lowly Red Sox once again.  That’s… Read More

Cobbled Together

Here it is. A powerful (and decidedly feminine), moment, captured on film. Here marks the dawning of a life-long love affair…with shoes. “Now this…  This I like.” There was zero fussing, zero whining, and… Read More

The First Supper

  Okay, let’s talk about Armada for a moment.  It’s most certainly not on the level of Ready Player One, but it’s…well, it’s pretty good. The characters are hackneyed and the plot is… Read More