Hey, Thanks!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve taken the rest of the week off.

Er, sort of.

I did kinda work from 6:45 – 9:45 today…  But I was at home!   I did have to lock myself in the spare bedroom because Jib and Alex were going ballistic at the lawn guys outside.  And sure I’ve been responding to emails all day.  But…at least I didn’t have to commute?

And now it looks like my schedule has cleared *knocks wood* so I can get down to the task of preparing the BumbleBrine for Thursday’s bird.

Speaking of whom…

Behold, he whose fury not dissembled speaks his giblets…

Titus T. Andronturkus


That’s right.  Titus is nearly 28 lbs. of snoody, gobblin’ goodness.  (“Snood” is an amazing word, btw)

And for anyone who’d like to play along at home,  BumbleBrine is a pretty simple recipe:

Martinelli’s Apple Cider
Fresh rosemary
Brown sugar
Maple syrup
Bay leaves
Peels of 3 large oranges

I throw all of these in a pot, bring the business to a boil, then let it slowly cool on the stovetop until the entire house smells like Valhalla.  At which point I drop Titus up there into a giant plastic bag and let him jacuzzi in the BumbleBrine for 24 hours in the fridge before we apply a heat treatment.

Wow.  And as a matter of fact, I think I’d better get going on that.

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a particularly busy day.  I will endeavor to make a post, but no promises there.

So, in case I don’t make it to a keyboard before the holiday, I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Our best to you and your whole family.



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