The Failmometer

I think things are improving.  I think… It would be seriously helpful if I had a thermometer that gave the same reading twice in a row. Behold the Braun failmometer. Seriously.  Do not buy that thing. If I… Read More

Back to 99s

We’ve gone back to the mild fever thing again. Daphne has been running between 99.7-100.7 since Saturday night and has a horribly stuffy nose to go with it. “I don’t feel good, Daddy…” I noticed that, when we… Read More

Art Maus

So I picked up a couple new games… The first one is Dixit. In Dixit, each player draws a hand of cards, and one person acts as the “storyteller” for that round. They look at their cards, come… Read More

Glorious Sleep

Normality has been restored. “I think I’m a sofa.” She slept through the night once more.  And good timing too, as my co-worker is off for the rest of the week so I’m pulling double IT duty. Unfortunately… Read More

Early Rising

Today it was 5:45am. Which, while slightly aggravating, is infinitely better than whatever time she woke up the night before. The thing is, this time she didn’t go back to sleep. So I hung out in her room for… Read More

Not This Again…

The sleeping has stopped. I mentioned yesterday that I had to bring Daphne downstairs because of the storm.  Well last night at some point (honestly I was too tired to even look at a clock), she woke up and… Read More

The Family Weekend

Hi there. That was a pretty prototypical family weekend.  Lots of food delivery, lots of lounging around the house, and lots of laughs. We did go out to run a few errands on Saturday afternoon, including another trip… Read More

Full Week

Hey, this makes a full week of posting again. How novel! It hasn’t exactly been the easiest week, but in all honesty things could be much, much worse so I’m not going to complain. I am, however, VERY… Read More

So. Much. Poop.

And it’s not even coming from my daughter. (Well, most of it.) I had an exceptionally long day at the office yesterday, and as I arrived home and opened the door my olfactory bulb was nearly shattered by the… Read More


Daphne has been playing with these “Opposites” flash cards for a week now and, like I do, I’ve been explaining them to her in my own particular idiom. For example, Kitty cat. Matrix “missing face” kitty cat. Or,… Read More