Month: February 2015

Down and Up

At the very beginning of the pregnancy, Jen had a “Quad Screen” done, which got its name because it tests for spina bifida, anencephaly, and for both Edward’s and Down’s Syndromes.  Her… Read More


  So, rather than giving things as gifts, I much prefer to purchase experiences for the people I care about.  Like flight lessons, or escape rooms, or, for my father’s birthday yesterday, indoor skydiving…. Read More

Ghost of Days PAX

So, I love games.  I mean, I love them.  Always have.  And not just video games, although that’s certainly the easiest route for me to get a fix these days.  I’m a fan… Read More

Blind Leading Blinds

I’d like to talk to you for a moment about window blinds.  And while this isn’t exactly baby-related, it does have relevance to our house which, obviously, the baby will live in someday…. Read More


So, as I alluded to last week, we’ve had to revisit the original plans on our crib and I don’t mean that in an MTV kind of way. Jen’s parents kept her original crib… Read More

Drowsy Dark Caves

T-66 to D-Day 66 Days to go, and all seems to be well.  I’ve been poring over the minutiae of the items on our baby registry and rampaging with my Orks on the… Read More

Free play Friday

  Freeplay Friday is where all the random thoughts, strange happenings, and other nonsense that might not be entirely dad-oriented are going to end up.  Back off me man, it’s been a long… Read More

“Are You Excited?”

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. Along with the, “are you nervous yet?” And between you and me, Internet?  I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to answer.  Because if I’m… Read More

Ya Like Dags?

So we have these dogs… The white one is Alex.  Aka “Albino Dire Wolf,” aka “Lobo, Duke of the Fulshear Wilds,” aka “Goddammit Alex, Shut UP!” “Black eyes…like a doll’s eyes…” Alex… Read More

Baby Music Makin’

I was listening to my iPhone playlist as I drove to work today, head bobbing beneath a Reverend Horton Heat beanie that I’d purchased at a show over 20 years ago, and I began to… Read More