So, this is another one that could be a bit touchy.  Go easy. In my life, throughout whatever foolish, extraordinary or generally improbable things that I’ve suffered and/or accomplished, I’ve always felt like I’ve been able to reset things if… Read More

T- One Month

Today crosses us over the “One Month to Go” mark, and there’s quite a bit left to do.  Actually, I’m beginning to feel like I’ll never get around to all the things I need to finish…  And I should probably… Read More


  So I promised on Wednesday that I’d take a few pictures of our daily walk, and I did so this morning. I also spent 2 hours after work last night framing/measuring/hanging all the artwork in Daphne’s nursery…. Read More

Babby Lit

Hi there. So I’ve been reviewing some more of our gifts from the deluge last week and it seems I’ve a litany of books that I’ll need to read through once or twice prior to performing them aloud for a… Read More


So let’s keep this between you and me, but there are some rare times where I actually enjoy living out here in a suburban MCP MPC. End of Clothesline, Dillinger For example, I take my dogs on a half-mile… Read More

In the Hood

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I don’t recall ever having a towel with a hood on it when I was a kid. Yeah, I’m a little jealous of this. Post-deluge, Daphne has received more than a… Read More

Facehuggers and Headpants

Ahoy there. So Saturday’s shower did indeed go off swimmingly. Lots of people we hadn’t seen in a long time, catching up with people that they hadn’t seen in a long time over some excellent Mexican food. So… Read More

Baby Monsoon

  Nothing new to report on the gift front today.  But I believe this to be the quiet before the Baby Monsoon arrives on the ‘morrow.  This shower has been set up by my mom and sister-in-law (thank you both!), and… Read More

P’shaw Shower

  So the motherboard on my iPhone has become rather capricious over the past few days.  And while it sometimes works just fine,  it requires 10 minutes or so of frozen “quiet time” with increasing regularity. I’m in the process of… Read More

Rub Me

I had a few errands to run for work yesterday, so I got to pull off the patented, “Rush Hour Traffic Dodge.”  As such, I made it home in record time and busied myself by unboxing, de-tagging, building… Read More