Booty of the Month – March

March’s Loot Crate theme was “Versus.” What’s in the baaahx? “Anything for The Jib?” Oh, AvP…  You know, in another life I actually wrote an article for a magazine about that movie. And there you go. “This one… Read More

Daph Withdrawal

I think I’m suffering from daughter withdrawal this morning. And whose fault is that, old man? Yep, totally mine. Saturday night I was out playing Warhammer until 1:30 am, which threw a very fuzzy blanket over my BumbleDay morning…. Read More


More than a few people have commented that my daughter and I look alike.   But, if we’re being honest with one another, on most days I don’t really see it. To me she appears to phenotype much… Read More


Okay, here they are.  The Easter pics.  Grandparents, right-click buttons at the ready. And, as you may or may not have noticed with the loading time of today’s page, these are very high-resolution images, i.e. don’t try to d/l… Read More

…But It’s Not

The damn pollen has returned to Houston with a vengeance, and my poor daughter is once again taking a beating from it.  Her eyes are all swollen and teary, she sneezes constantly, and her adorable little nose has turned… Read More

Yahd Work

Hi there. We had a little work done on the yard yesterday.  Some tree/bush trimming, flower planting, mulching, fertilizing, and general spring sprucing.  We’re pretty happy with how it came out. It’ll take a little while for the… Read More


Daphne has taken to saying what sounds like, “BOB!” over and over and over…and over. She looks like this, but with sound. I’ve been trying to get video of this, but apparently it’s a Quantum Bobbening and any attempt… Read More

Life Moves Pretty Fast…

Yep, I took the Day Off on Friday.  From work, from posting, from just about everything except hanging out with my wife and daughter.  Which was both quite nice and long overdue. The rest of the weekend was also… Read More

Hail, Haircut

We’ve officially had our first haircut. “Oh no.  I look like George Clooney, don’t I?” And you can see how disappointed we are in how it came out. That said, I’m probably the least qualified person in the household… Read More

Busy Day

Pretty busy day ’round these parts, so I’m afraid I don’t have a whole lot of time for posting.   I am a bit surprised that spring break is already halfway over, though.  (And I’m sure my wife would… Read More