Little Baby Sisyphus

I’m beginning to loathe you, Little Baby Bum. I’ve mentioned it before, but for those who missed it, Little Baby Bum is essentially an entire series of nursery rhymes set to moderate-to-substandardly animated CGI videos. Starring this motley crew… Read More

What’re You Lookin’ At…

So, let’s talk about Singamajigs for a moment. For those who don’t suffer through Baby First on their television 24 hours a day, you’ve probably never seen a Singamajig. Well, allow me to ruin that little streak of luck. The… Read More


There was a weekend?  Where? Because it feels like I chased Daphne around for a few hours, sat down to prep a character for Legion, and then suddenly it was Monday and I had to head back to… Read More

You Are Not Prepared…

The Legion cometh. On Tuesday, the new expansion for World of Warcraft arrives.  You know, it’s funny…  I always say that I’m done with that game.  And, “nah, I probably won’t even buy the new expansion…“ But then… Read More


Had a bit of a work emergency last night, so my normal evening time with the family was abbreviated. The power to my building, and to the building next door, went out at exactly 5pm.  So I sent… Read More

Booty of the Month Club – August

In case you couldn’t guess it from the above image (and I sure couldn’t), my Loot Crate this month was “Anti-Hero” themed. “No beatings for Lobo in black box, yes?” “All right chums, let’s do this!” Fruit of the… Read More


My daughter has become the beard police. Today’s morning started out as most do.  At about 7:45 Daphne started making “SQUEEEE!” noises and kicking at the slats of her crib, which is her gentle way of letting me know… Read More

The Alex Problem

Hi. So the weekend was good and relatively relaxing, all things considered. I played a little WoW on Saturday, and some of the people I used to play with back in the day have returned in preparation for… Read More

Bast to My Roots

Hiya. Just a couple things before I pull the cord and startup this here weekend… First, a beautiful new Overwatch movie dropped.  And it’s for one of my favorite characters in the game, Bastion. Seriously, that music is amazing…… Read More


“-an’t believe the blue one is still going like that.” “Oh!  How’d you get in here?” “No it’s fine.  I’m watching my shows though.” “So…you know, hush.” “Wow.  The green one has mad rhyme skills.” “Okay, Daddy.  It’s over.” Time… Read More