Nervous Without Service

Hey there.

So our weekend was even quieter than I’d originally expected, since Daphne was running a low-grade fever for the entirety of it.  Hopefully we’re on the other side of that and she’s on the mend.   She did seem to be feeling a little better this morning, and there were fewer of those nasty yellow nose goblins stuck to her upper lip.

daphnereadingthankfulThis is pretty much what the whole weekend looked like.

An interesting side-effect to this is that I gave her some of my orange juice on BumbleDay morning, thinking that the Vitamin C would be helpful if she could tolerate the tartness.  And, after she recoiled and made that, “Why? Why would you do that to me, your own daughter?  Why do you hate me so?” face, she decided that…waitaminute…hey…that wasn’t half bad.  Lemme have some more of that stuff, Old Man!

So, now that we’ve established her approval of both apple and orange juice, I’m beginning to think a juicer might not be a bad investment.  Historically, the only thing that’s turned me off of purchasing one of those things is the idea of having to clean it afterward.  But I suppose that’s not a terrible cross to bear if it means we’re all getting fresh juice.  And maybe it’s not as bad as I’m imagining it to be…

Does anyone know of a decent juicer that isn’t a nightmare to clean?

bizarrejuicerPreferably one that isn’t going to run us $2,000?

And finally, today is my only day of work this week.  And I would be a dirty, dirty liar if I said that isn’t freaking me out a little.

You see, I rarely take personal vacation days.  Typically I hoard my PTO and spend it only when something has gone wrong or I’m deathly ill.  And back when this was a family-owned company, it really didn’t matter to me if I had unused sick days at the end of the year.

But obviously that’s changed.

So now not only have I scheduled myself off for the next two days, I’ve also booked the week between Christmas and New Year’s off .  And I still have to figure out a way to fit in another 6 days of vacation time between now and the end of the year.

Yes I know.  Poor, pitiful me.  I have to take time off of work.  Boo hoo.

But it’s not easy for me to leave the shop for personal time.  And when I do I just end up feeling guilty about it and stress over whether everything is running properly. Speaking of which, I need to wrap some stuff up before I get out of here for the week.

See you guys tomorrow.


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