Month: February 2018

Apply Yourself

Looking for a job is…unpleasant. I feel like all I’m doing is fielding a bunch of calls from some shady headhunters with even shadier “offers.” I created a job huntin’ Gmail account… Read More

More Time

Hi there. So there is one fantastic thing about being sans employment. (Well, two if you count escaping the fear-fueled, soul-sucking mire that passes for a “company culture” at my former employer.)… Read More


Hey there. So after 6 weeks of job hunting, it became apparent that I need to do more than just sit on the couch with a laptop and grind away at sending… Read More

Under the Wire

I’m juuust going to get this post in before the weekend… Hi guys. Obviously my days have been filled with a lot of resume writing, job researching, house cleaning, business starting and… Read More