Mornings Revisited

So things are beginning to steady (somewhat), with our new morning schedule.

Daphne’s wake-up times still vary a bit, but they’re beginning to settle at around 7:30, with a delta of 30 minutes on either side.

This usually gives me enough time to take a quick shower and get dressed before she gets too cranky about being stuck in her crib.  (Although she’s extraordinarily good-natured about the times that she’s required to do so.  She’s awesome like that.)

Then we have just enough time for a Little Baby Bum session before Grandma comes over and it’s breakfast time.


After which, fresh off a carb/sugar boost from her cereal and/or eggs, Daphne takes laps around the house in her PJs

daphnestrutnovmorningThe morning workout is serious business.

At which point I walk the dogs, then sneak out to my car and head to work.  Unless, of course, it’s Norma Monday.

Norma Mondays are different.

You see, our poor Alex is insane special.

insanealexquips“Hi. Did you know consuming human bone marrow helps build immunities?  So, if I ate your delicious skull, I’d take your strength.”

And if Norma, our housekeeper, is coming, I have to sequester Alex away in Daphne’s playroom lest he chase poor Norma around the house and generally make the time she’s working in our home utterly miserable.

And so I lock him up.  Which in turn pisses Jib right off.

And all this as I’m trying to get Daphne dressed and shoed and out the door to Gramps & Nana’s house, just so I can get into my office in time for my morning meetings.

Wow.  That sounds like I’m not used to this routine at all, doesn’t it?

Okay, I’ll admit that Norma Mondays are still a rough way to start a week.  But the whole thing isn’t nearly as painful as it was a month ago, so I suppose that means I’m starting to get used to it?

Besides, in the words of the immortal Spider Jerusalem, “People can get used to anything when there’s money involved.

See you tomorrow.


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