Month: June 2015

Salsa & Chippendales

There’s no way around explaining this particular phenomenon without sounding arrogant (believe me, I’ve tried), so you’ll have to trust me when I say that this really isn’t braggadocio. Once I find a… Read More


Hi there. So as I mentioned on Thursday, I had a wedding in Plano to attend over the weekend.  So I said my goodbyes on Friday morning and pointed the Juke northward…. Read More

Booty of the Month Club – June

Hi there. So June’s Loot Crate arrived last night, and I got around to opening it just before bed.  (Thus the dark pictures; sorry about that.)   It’s gotta be better than… Read More

Mood Swings

I have never known anything that oscillates between moods as quickly my child does. Seriously. One second we’re giggling happily at the ridiculous sounds and faces that Dad is making (with the occasional hilarious… Read More

Father’s Day

As you can see, my first Father’s Day was pretty laid back.  In fact, it was like most weekend days for me.  I just played the game of, “How Do I Keep This… Read More

Happy Birthday, Jib

Eight years and 4 days ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I went to the SPCA looking for a dog. As I strolled by the cages each with with… Read More

Dough Ta

  We’re rapidly approaching that time of year again.  That time when I commandeer our television set, and stream DOTA 2 games for 5 days straight. I’m talking, of course, about The International. My… Read More

Tones of Home

So yet another interesting facet of life with Ms. Daphne has been the cacophonous range of noises she makes.  And I’m happy to say that her vocal stylings are becoming less like a… Read More

Madonna/Tempest Complexities

First and foremost, we are fine.  The gale force winds and torrential rains that have been broadcast on a loop during Tropical “Storm” Bill hit my home yesterday, and they knocked almost a dozen blooms off of my crepe… Read More

Vinyl is Killing the MP3 Industry

We finally got around to listening to some records over coffee on Sunday morning, which made for a fantastic way to start the day and, surprisingly, one happy little Daphne. It kicked… Read More