Month: April 2021

Day Six – The Finale

It is finished. And now it’s begun. I’ll tell you this, today’s drive felt a heckuva lot longer than 4 1/2 hours. Actually that’s not true. The first couple hours were great…. Read More

Day Five

One more to go. Let’s see, where did we leave you guys… Midnight in Winchester, surrounded by bed popcorn, right? We had another late morning today, although a good percentage of that… Read More

Day Four

Clear! Another day northward in the books, and yet another fantastic effort by the little girl in the back seat. Seriously, not a single fussy outburst from Daph, and were in the… Read More

Day Three

And pay no attention to the map above, we actually did decide to take the faster route that’s at the bottom of the image and run through Atlanta. Although “run” is not… Read More

Day Two

Today saw a sizeable amount of open-field running as it was our first “full day” of driving. And I won’t bury the lead, Daphne absolutely rocked her part. She sang happily in… Read More

Day One

Day One: Complete. We’ve arrived safely at our hotel in Baton Rouge. The trip today was pretty uneventful, which is exactly how we’d hoped it would go. Especially considering that, for all… Read More