Month: July 2016

On the Road

We’ve already left for Seguin, so this will be a short post via my phone.   I did, however, get a video of that closet game I mentioned earlier in the week…. Read More

Stranger Danger

Jen and I have been watching “Stranger Things” lately, and I’ll tell you this:  it’s every bit as awesome as you might’ve heard. You couldn’t call what we’re doing “binge watching” exactly,… Read More

Fangs in the Grass

Now I realize that playing in the grass is a God-given right for all suburban American kids. It’s one of the trade-offs for living in a cultureless, mini-mall strewn, conformity factory.  And it’s… Read More


So Prima Haircut did happen yesterday, but not without Elizabethan levels of drama. The anguish…of a haircut. Jen took her to a local place called Snip-Its, which looks like a cross between Duck Dodgers’s… Read More

The Crud

Heya. So our weekend was, once again, pretty slow.  However this time the languid pace was attributable to Daphne catching some funk from the aforementioned unwashed masses at Giggles & Fun.   *sigh*  I guess I shouldn’t have… Read More

Pricing Praise

Naturally, I read quite a few other “dad blogs.” I have about 15 of them in my RSS Feed Reader.  But lately there’s been something bothering me about the majority of them… Read More

No Buttah

So I had this thing with Cookie Butter for a while. For the uninitiated, Cookie Butter is exactly what it sounds like.  Gingerbread cookies, but mashed and emulsified into the consistency of peanut… Read More


[That title will make little sense to those of you who don’t speak PC, but IRQ translates to “Interrupt Request.”] I got a call at 7:15 this morning informing me that half… Read More

Figgles & Gun

Strike that. Reverse it. Giggles and Fun has rapidly become a favorite of both Daphne and Jen. Daphne gets to toddle, unfettered, around a giant play area and amuse herself with what to her must… Read More

Hello Monday, My Old Friend

The thing about having a really fun weekend is that it makes returning to work the following Monday much more difficult. And to be honest we didn’t really do a whole lot,… Read More