Month: October 2016

All Hallow’s Relieved

I have officially finished up my first round of proofreading.  Woo! Anyway, our weekend was pretty slow, so there’s not a whole lot to recap.  Jen had a late Pure Barre class… Read More

Dear Daphne – 18 Months

Today is the 18-month anniversary of your birth, and it feels like this is the last of the “non-birthday” occasions of note.  After today, we’ll likely stop measuring the time you’ve been with… Read More

Whizzo Quality Assortment

Last weekend I broke down and committed the cardinal Halloween sin. I bought the candy too early. As a result, I’ve been taxing the hell out of “Fun-Sized!” Reese’s and Snickers and… Read More

Scary Scarce

Not a lot of time today. I did, however want to briefly discuss how LONG this little girl is getting… I’ll be interested to hear the numbers at her 18-month doctor visit… Read More

Back to Bed

We had an infinitely less stressful morning today, so Daphne and I had plenty of time to watch Little Baby Bum in bed before breakfast. It’s amazing how much I missed that… Read More

Autonomous Unit for High Chair Snacking

Hi there.  Welcome back. So it’s been kind of a rough morning.  I was in the middle of a bizarre dream where I was at Numbers, seeing Bon Iver, and the lead… Read More

Cuddling with Ferocity

My girl is becoming a tiny cuddle monster. She nuzzles her head into my shoulder when I lift her from the crib in the morning, she curls up next to me in bed as we… Read More

Nunca Enunciation

We’re almost 18 months in and Daphne still isn’t using any words. I mentioned this about 6 months ago and, unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress since then. She will occasionally… Read More

Sleeping On the New Do

Ah, the bliss that is a full night’s sleep. For the first time in nearly a week, Daphne slept through the entire night without so much as a peep.  I’m actually so used… Read More

The Swine Soup Kitchen

So I’m upstairs reading a book to Daphne the other day… Specifically, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” by Laura Numeroff. When it occurred to me that what I was really… Read More