Month: January 2016

Dear Daphne – 9 Months

You are 9 months old today.  Which I suppose means you have become a true resident of this world, as you’ve been outside of the womb longer than you were in it.  (Okay,… Read More

Docs and PAX

Daphne’s 9-month checkup was yesterday afternoon, and once again all went swimmingly. I had assumed that her ridiculous rate of growth would have slowed a bit, mostly because it felt like we’d been in the… Read More

Looi, Looi…

So another fantastic Baby First vignette has surfaced. Looi the Cat. “You’re a wizard, Looi!” The premise is that Looi fits a bunch of plastic puzzle pieces together, and then inexplicably animates them… Read More

Mun D.

Man, that was a weekend… Once again, the girl lacks honor has forgotten how to sleep properly.  My poor wife was up with our daughter most of Friday night.  Each time Jen put her… Read More

Vidja Daphne

Since I’m undoubtedly going to post a preparatory PAX rundown sometime next week, this will be a Freeplay Friday in name only.  Instead, I thought I’d just drop a few pics/videos of… Read More


  Well hello there. I’m just listening to the radio and trying to figure out what these things are for. They don’t seem to be for chewing. Gah! Definitely not for picking… Read More

Happy Little Tree

So this one is very off topic, but I was browsing Twitch the other night while in bed and I happened upon their “Creative” heading. And there at the very top, with… Read More

The Bumble Awakens

Hi there. So our long weekend was good, albeit over way too quickly.  (Aren’t they all?) Saturday was our typical lounge day.  Just a lot of couching and playing with Daphne.  I… Read More

Long Weekend

So there’s not a whole lot in the way of gaming happening right now.  The holidays have come and gone, and most of the big-ticket games were released a few months ago… Read More

Tai Fighter

Yes, I finally went to my first tai chi class yesterday evening.  Turns out they have a late lesson on Wednesdays, one that lets me finish up at work, fight through rush hour traffic,… Read More