Month: December 2017

Christmas Limbo

We’re in that strange space between Christmas and New Year’s. The time when people are driving to the office, but just pseudo-working for a few hours before heading back home. Where the… Read More

One Door Closes, Another One Opens Presents

And…it’s done. Our office shut down permanently last night. I’m talking cubicle breakdown, lock replacement, moving companies, and saw the infrastructure in half kinds of permanent. 9 years worth of data flowed… Read More

Monkey Grooming

Hey there. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We had a couple inches of snow fall in Houston last week, and I’m incredibly proud of this city for not freaking… Read More


Heya. Things are going along. There’s been cause for hope here and there recently, and signs of changes on the horizon, but nothing worth reporting on just yet. Instead, let’s go back… Read More