Fluids. Fluids Everywhere…

The stomach flu dropped by to say hi and to see if we’d been diligent about stocking up on Lysol. At around 1am early Saturday morning, I heard some coughing and crying coming from the baby monitor, each… Read More

Reaping Grains

Hey. We had a really great family weekend. Saturday we spent the morning lounging around the house (well, pseudo-lounging…we were both technically working) and playing with Daphne. On Sunday we took our annual trip to the Rice Harvest… Read More

Playing Everywhere

Hi there. We’ve been very busy. Last Friday we met up with the speech therapist at We Rock the Spectrum in Katy, where Daphne just played and played and played… This one was actually taken on a different… Read More


Hi. I know there hasn’t been a post in a bit, and I’m sorry. My work life has shuddered violently, and I find myself on very uneven footing. The family-run business that I used to work for is… Read More