Month: August 2015


I missed a Freeplay Friday post.  I apologize.  I’ve had a heckuva few days though… So on Friday I was paying for our take-out when I was told my bank card had… Read More

Booty of the Month Club – August 2015

So here we go!  August’s Loot Crate.  The theme for the month was, “Villians.”   LET’S SEE WHAT’S IN THE BOX!   WHY, IT’S ANOTHER BOX!   I have no idea what… Read More

First Words 

So I was upstairs reading to Daphne on BumbleDay last weekend, and one of the books we read was Jimmy Fallon’s “DADA.” Not sure why that one on the left is so irritabull…… Read More


Those of you on Facebook likely already saw this over the weekend, but I thought I’d share it here too. Friday night is often gaming night ’round the Shaw household, and Daphne… Read More


So here’s an interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed… Babies hit things with their little fists when they’re angry. You’d think that conveying anger through violence would be a learned behavior.  Something that happens… Read More


Hi there. As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I have a lengthy commute to and from work.  This gives me quite a bit of time where audio is the only input format that’s… Read More


So I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately.  This isn’t attributable to Daphne (although she does wake me up sporadically), I’ve just always wrestled with resting. That said, I wrote my… Read More

Last Season’s Onesie

I mentioned in my last post how quickly my daughter is growing, but I don’t think I’ve quite given it the attention that it deserves. She’s nearly 4 months old, and all… Read More

Restauranteur in Diapeurs

Hi there. Our weekend was fine, thank you for asking.  We had a couple friends come by on Saturday afternoon to catch up and to meet Daphne for the first time, which… Read More

Freeway Fury

  I’d like to talk about driving for a moment if I might… I absolutely cannot wait for the self-driving car.  This needs to happen yesterday.  And I say this because, after commuting… Read More