BumbleDadventure – California: The End

Time to begin the trek back to Texas. The Treksas. But first, because hope springs eternal, I did some circuits to various little towns that are near the flight facility, just in case they do hire me. (Have… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day Six

The day has arrived. The on-site interview. The reason I did this whole thing in the first place. I’m up at about 5:30 and get ready,  choke down a couple terrible cups of in-room Best Western coffee, and my ride picks… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day Five

As Day Five opens, we see our BumbleDad strolling down to the local coffee shop/book store (Bookworks) at 7am, and doing a lot of writing/photo uploading for you guys.  Just like this, actually. How very meta. I spent… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day Four

And lo had he rested, and lo had his headache subsided back to the nether realms… Which did beget a shower, which did beget an entire urn of the holiest of mana, coffee, which in turn did beget… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day Three

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was at the train station in Los Angeles, trying to choke down a Starbucks coffee while renting a Chevy Cruze. Exciting stuff. I did get my car, though, and then… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day Two

Hi there. So Day Two began, well, at the tail end of Day One really. We pulled into San Antonio at around 11pm. The hotbed of activity that is the San Antonio Amtrak station ’round midnight. And there… Read More

BumbleDadventure – California: Day One

So I realize I’ve been a bit cagey about this, mostly because I didn’t want to jinx anything. But I’m now officially on my way, so I think it’s copacetic to talk about it. I’m currently headed west,… Read More

Dear Daphne – 3 Years

You are three years old today. This despite the suggested age/size on your clothing. (You’re running at about a 4-5T right now.) Many smart people told your daddy how quickly this time would go by, and they were… Read More