Month: June 2016

Bookin’ It

Have I mentioned, maybe once or twice, that my daughter loves reading? Because seriously…this little girl is book berserk. She’s loony for lexicons. Wacky for words. Coo-coo for codices. Okay, I’ll stop…. Read More

Sparking Creativity

[BumbleNote:  The SEQUENCES link is at the bottom.  Hold tight.] So I’m going to go from a high concept parenting post to one that will seem like it’s even higher concept. But I… Read More

Rubber Banding

I’ve noticed a strange thing about being a dad. This is probably attributable to parenting in general, but fatherhood is the only aspect of that I’m qualified to speak about.  You moms… Read More

Slow Weekend

And after the past couple of weeks, I definitely needed one. There’s something to be said for simply lounging around your house (you know, that thing that you already pay so much money… Read More


The unthinkable has happened.  I have devolved into dressing like a father. That’s right.  I’ve been rocking the “Dadcore.” Meaning that I wear the jeans/polo combo (with sneakers) to work… Look upon my kicks,… Read More

A/C, You See

Another day off has been sacrificed at the altar of central air conditioning. I got a call this morning that said 1-Hour Heating and A/C was running late and they would be here… Read More

Happy Birthday, Jib

[I originally wrote this on today’s date in 2007.] Okay, so I’d like to talk about the SPCA for a moment if I might. As many of you know, I’d been kicking around… Read More

Catching Up, Cooling Down

So remember how I said I wanted to take a day off later this week? Turns out today’s the day. Although I can’t say it’s been exactly “restful.” Our upstairs air-conditioner began to… Read More

Father’s Day, Redux

Hi there. So my Father’s Day weekend was fantastic, thanks for asking. Some work stuff ebbed into my off time on Friday, like it does, so the whole weekend started off a bit… Read More

Dad’s Day

This Sunday will mark my second Father’s Day.   I know I’ve said this several times before now, but it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in a year… Because this was taken… Read More