Month: September 2015

A Few Tidbits

Hi there. I’m a bit scattered and busy today, but wanted to drop off a few awesome things here.  First and foremost, my sister-in-law just finished this and, as you can see,… Read More

A Squeak in Time

First, we have the Suburban Iditarod: “Lobo going to ‘mush’ you into next week if you don’t shut up…“   And here is a very confused puppy.  The video playing on our… Read More

A Weekend? Where?

Yeah, that one flew by.  Funny how staying late at the office on Friday, coupled with not leaving the house on Saturday, can somehow swallow up an entire weekend in one gulp…. Read More

Future Pax

Perhaps it’s a bit whiny to say so, but there are moments in all this where it feels like I’m being punished for something. I already mentioned the rough day we had yesterday,… Read More


**grumble grumble** So I mentioned a while back that we have a new baby monitor.  And it works…fine. Although it seems that Jen’s nightstand is a wee bit too far for the… Read More

Booty of the Month Club – September

My Loot Crate came in the mail yesterday, and apparently the theme this month is “SUMMON.”   “You can’t open it yet!  We have to wait for Alex!”   “Okay, we’re ready.” Cracked… Read More

Clean Livin’

Want to see what 3 months of (relatively) clean livin’ does to a baby girl? June 12th:  [ @ 6 weeks ]   Yesterday Morning: [ @21 weeks ] Pretty amazing. j.s.

Hunting & Gathering

Hi there.   So this Sunday was our first trip to the grocery store(s) with the kid.  Up to this point I’d been handling all of the grocery shopping solo on the… Read More

Unrequited Oaths

  I realize it’s quite early for such things, but it’s nice to see other dads treading this ground.     If only to see the strategies that don’t work. See you Monday…. Read More

Sequences – Model Shoot

  I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DadMille How about a little coy smirk? Into a “I just love these PJs!” selling smile. And here’s my sassy, over-the-shoulder look.   Get my profile too!… Read More