Month: December 2016

On Holiday

Yes, I was conspicuously absent on the posting front yesterday.  Sorry about that. A friend/co-worker and I got an early pass from work to go see Rogue One, and that little event… Read More

Slower Mornings

I think I look forward to Jen’s Winter Break almost as much as she does. Because not only do I get to see her more (well, for a few extra minutes in… Read More

Toons Thru Time

I was tumbling down a random YouTube rabbit hole the other day… and I came across a video that’d collected a bunch of 70’s and 80’s cartoon theme songs into one 20-minute… Read More

Got Static

What fantastic weather! And that’s at 11:00am! According to the news, many Houstonians are already over “the cold,” but I’m loving it.  And I desperately needed it. Looking forward to days like… Read More

Experience Festivity

Been a while since I did one of these.  Although the majority of you probably haven’t missed them. Overwatch started their Winter Wonderland festivities this week, and added lots of new holiday-themed skins…. Read More

Standing 8:00 With LBB

I’ve had a lot of meetings this week. And just between you, me and the internet, I am really bad at the whole meeting thing.  I subscribe to the, “well done is… Read More

BumbleDay Simulator

I completely forgot that I took this video… But this kinda thing makes up a large part of our morning on BumbleDays. You know, I think the best thing about these is… Read More


Jen actually reminded me of this story last week, so I thought I’d retell it here… It used to be that, every year, my dad would ask me for my Christmas list… Read More

The Eyes Have It

Well hi there. Another weekend in the books, and this was a pretty good one. On Saturday we headed down to Dickens on the Strand: Part Deux, which was a really good… Read More

Tardy’s Better than Truant

Yeah.  It’s a late post today.  Sorry. I had non-stop meetings/phone calls at work and skipped lunch in an effort to avoid rush hour traffic.  (Alas, there was an accident…so it still… Read More