Nunca Enunciation

We’re almost 18 months in and Daphne still isn’t using any words.

I mentioned this about 6 months ago and, unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress since then.

She will occasionally give the sounds of a few of the letters that pass by when we’re watching the Little Baby Bum train video:

“Cuh, cuh” as the “C” goes by, “ahhh” for “I,” “nanana” for “N,” that kinda thing.

She’ll also occasionally repeat the words that I’m saying to her.  For example, before I carry her from the changing table to to her bath, I always say, “1, 2, 3, don’t pee on Dad, let’s GO!”  (The one time I didn’t do this, I was micturated upon as I carried her 15 steps to the bathroom.  So now it’s become a bit of a superstition.)  This Tuesday, as I recited the anti-pee incantation, she said, “go” right back to me.  Which nearly caused me to break the spell on myself.

And of course, we still read something like 30 books a day to her…and that’s a conservative estimate.  Unfortunately, they’re the SAME BOOKS, OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

mylittleponydadgonestillWhy is Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark a star?  A nod to the elemental nature of her magic, perhaps?  

All interesting and positive steps.

The problem is, I’ve never witnessed her using words to convey meaning on her own.  There’s been nothing like “cookie” or “up/down.” She will occasionally say, “no” to something, but typically she just turns her head away or puts her hands up if she doesn’t want a thing.

talktothehandbreakfastnotalkTalk to the hand, Dad.  Harry the Bunny is on.

No “bye byes,” “ba-bas,” or “boo boos.”  She doesn’t even say “dada” or “mama.”

And I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t starting to concern me a little.

But her 18-month check-up is in a couple of weeks, so this is something we’ll likely bring up to the doctor again.  (Last time the doc didn’t seem concerned at all, but did mention that there should be a “language explosion” between 18-24 months.

I’d settle for a language susurrus.


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