Sleeping On the New Do

Ah, the bliss that is a full night’s sleep.

For the first time in nearly a week, Daphne slept through the entire night without so much as a peep.  I’m actually so used to the repeated interruptions that it was a little disorienting when I finally did awake this morning.

“Wait, what happened?  It’s almost dawn and I haven’t heard stuffy wail one from that monitor.  Um…is she still up there?”

I guess the ludicrous heat has caused the pollen levels to subside enough to ease her allergies, so she can actually breathe through her nose again
No idea.

But whatever the reason, it was glorious.

And speaking of glorious, Nana did a fantastic job cutting Daphne’s hair earlier this week.  We went from:




 bednewdo1  bednewdo3

So much better.


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