All Hallow’s Relieved

I have officially finished up my first round of proofreading.  Woo!

Anyway, our weekend was pretty slow, so there’s not a whole lot to recap.  Jen had a late Pure Barre class on Sunday, so we did our normal grocery shopping on Saturday instead.  And while we were there, Daphne discovered stars on the HEB floor.

“Promise me you’re not going to eat them…”

I’m trying not to think about the rampant grukkiness that she smeared all over her hands while chasing these things around…  Blech.

And finally, today is indeed Halloween.  But I’ll level with you guys.  Up until this morning we didn’t have a real costume for Daphne.  Our plan was to simply cobble one together out of some of her cutest outfits, parade her around the block a few times, and call it an evening.

But on my way to work today I had a change of heart.

So, on my lunch break, the Disney Store and I went 12 rounds of bare-knuckle, Halloween throwdown.  And I emerged triumphant.

Now there are some who might say I’m bonkers to try to pick up a Halloween costume on Halloween…


But I’ll tell you a secret…  All the best people are.


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