Autonomous Unit for High Chair Snacking

Hi there.  Welcome back.

So it’s been kind of a rough morning.  I was in the middle of a bizarre dream where I was at Numbers, seeing Bon Iver, and the lead singer stopped the show to thank me personally for coming out to all their gigs and for not booing them and/or insulting the tuning of their guitars.

For the record, I’ve never been to a Bon Iver show, nor have I tuned a guitar, in my life.

 And then I got the 6:45am call that all IT people fear.

Hey. The network is down.

So I bolted upright in bed and started trying to clear my head enough to figure out what was going wrong.  And as it turned out quite a lot had gone wrong; the whole thing took a few hours to get up and working again.  In retrospect, I’m really glad I forewent playing Civ VI last night and just went straight to bed.


That’s not why you guys are here, is it?  Let’s talk about the weekend instead.

Saturday was my sister-in-law’s birthday, so we went to her party at St. Arnold’s in the morning for kolaches and beer.  (The cornerstones of any nutritious breakfast.)  Daphne spent the day happily whizzing up and down the wide open hallways of the brew hall, and made lots of new friends* as she did so.

*Daphne “makes friends” by casually strolling up behind them and grabbing their legs/smacking them on the butt.  Fortunately all of her new “friends” came equipped with a sense of humor about this.

It was a good time, and it’s always awesome to get out of the house and go do something as a family.

brewerypicI’m a very lucky man.

Once we got home, Daphne decided that she’d had enough of watching us fiddle around with utensils while feeding her.  And so, for the first time, she took matters into her own hands.

spoondipyog1  spoondipyog2

spoonutilize3 spoonutilize1  spoonutilize4 spoonutilize6

The girl feeds herself.  Good Lord.  How long have I been asleep?

Then we took her out for a walk in the REO Daphwagon…

anotherwagontrip0The squirrel is my co-pilot.

After which I got stuck in the Möbius loop of, “okay, just one more turn” in Civ VI…until almost 3 am.

On BumbleDay Daph and I met up with my dad, and we bounced around town for a while.  Given the extensive amount of time we were in the car, the little girl was remarkably well-behaved throughout the trip.  Again, I’m a very lucky man.

Then it was time for groceries, dinner, and the season premiere of The Walking Dead once we put Daphne to bed.  (NO SPOILERS HERE, but that dinner scene they threw in there at the end was really hackneyed and lame…)

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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