Whizzo Quality Assortment

Last weekend I broke down and committed the cardinal Halloween sin.

I bought the candy too early.

As a result, I’ve been taxing the hell out of “Fun-Sized!” Reese’s and Snickers and Kit-Kats and Crunch bars every night, for the past 5 days, and generally making myself sick on them.

reesesbagI’m pretty sure these are actually heroin butter cups.

I have no one to blame but myself here.  I mean, Halloween is on a Monday this year.  I could have easily bought the candy on our normal grocery trip this weekend, and saved myself a week of playing Diabetes Plinko.


 “But no,” I thought, “Where’s the fun in that?  A few choccies never killed anyone…”  And the issue I’m having now is stopping at “a few.”

Fortunately, Daphne has so far refused all our attempts at giving her chocolate.

I have a feeling that one isn’t going to last…


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