Scary Scarce

Not a lot of time today.

I did, however want to briefly discuss how LONG this little girl is getting…


I’ll be interested to hear the numbers at her 18-month doctor visit next week.

I can say with certainty that she’s already able to swing her foot up to the top of the Joovy Yahd, so I think we’re about 2 months (tops), removed from her being able to climb out of there on her own.

readytoleavejoovyThis was taken just 5 months ago…

I’ve no idea what we’re going to do once she’s able to climb out of there.

Wait!  What about her crib!  Good Lord…

She’ll be wandering around upstairs alone.  And with unfettered access to the staircase?

Hmm.  Clever girl.

raptorpenfordaphneHow much do you think one of these would run us?


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