Catching Up, Cooling Down

So remember how I said I wanted to take a day off later this week?

Turns out today’s the day.
Although I can’t say it’s been exactly “restful.”

Our upstairs air-conditioner began to lose the battle versus the Texas heat last week, and the temperature up there was reaching the high 70’s in the evenings before (thankfully), cooling back down just in time for Daphne to go to bed.  And while this was a fortuitous chain of events, I knew it wouldn’t continue for long.

I knew this because I’d played this same game last summer.  Every night the temperature would rise as the sun baked against the bricks on the front of our house, and each night the A/C would struggle in vain to cool things off.

surfaceofthesunMy backyard landscape in August.

The culprit is a perforated evaporator coil in our Lennox A/C unit that’s leaking Freon.

I bandaged the problem last year by giving it another shot of coolant in the vain hope that it would take another 5 years for it to run out.
Not so much…
It was gone in just over 10 months.

So now we’re having to replace the entire evaporator coil in there.

It’s difficult to say you’re “lucky” when your A/C goes out, but I would be remiss if I didn’t concede that this is a rather timely failure.  If it’d gone out 5 weeks from now the entire thing would’ve cost us about $3,000 more that what we’re currently having to pay.  (Our warranty for the unit expires in August.)

Good with the bad, I guess.

Still, that kind of thing is hard to see when you’re cutting large cheques for stuff that just worked the week before.


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