Father’s Day, Redux

Hi there.

So my Father’s Day weekend was fantastic, thanks for asking.

Some work stuff ebbed into my off time on Friday, like it does, so the whole weekend started off a bit later than usual.  But all my new systems are functioning with zero defects at the office (*knocks on wood*), so it was worth the time.

Because Jen teaches Pure Barre on Sundays, she wanted to give me my Father’s Day cards and gifts on Saturday instead.  And the rumors proved true, I now have a brewery in my kitchen.

So I spent the day futzing around with…



and a…


and this here…


And, as you can probably tell, I’m not sure how any of it really works.  But it’s all congealing/fermenting as we speak, so I guess in 2 weeks we’ll find out if I’ve actually created something potable.

So on BumbleDay, Daphne and I spent some time napping the morning away…


Then we caught up with my dad and the three of us drove to the George R. Brown Convention Center for Comicpalooza.

comicpaloozalongshotGod help me, I do love them so.

And it was pretty good for a local convention, although I’m not sure it was quite worth its $43 one-day price tag.   (That’s damn near PAX prices.  And you, sir, are no PAX.)

But it was fun to wander around a convention with Daphne strapped to my back again.



Wow.   After looking at those earlier pictures she’s changed quite a bit in the past 6 months…

Anyway, we wandered the vendor floor for a couple hours and then figured any further time spent there might be pressing our luck with Daphne’s Wheel o’ Moods, so we headed home.


And that was just about our weekend.  I might just have to take a day off later in the week to make up for this one being over so quickly.  Guess we’ll see.

Okay, talk to you tomorrow.


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