Dad’s Day


This Sunday will mark my second Father’s Day.   I know I’ve said this several times before now, but it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in a year…

firstfathersdayBecause this was taken the morning of my first Father’s Day.

There have been several questions about what I’d like as a gift for Dad’s Day 2016, and I’ve been wholly genuine when I’ve replied that I don’t really need anything, and that all I want to do is to to take my wife and little girl to Onion Creek on Saturday for breakfast and coffee.

That said, it seems that Jen has a plan.  Because she’s already working out time today for she and Daphne to go shopping…


I should also mention that the post I made about Baby First snubbing dads needs an update.  They actually released a dad-related song this Tuesday, so I suppose credit is due.  (I mean, it was put out just 5 days before Father’s Day…  But hey, they made one.  So props.)

This weekend also marks the return of Comicpalooza to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center.  I would really like to swing through there at some point over the weekend…  They have a pretty epic list of guests this year.  (Daphne getting to meet Sigourney Weaver would be cool as hell…)
Guess we’ll see how it shapes up.

Okay, I’m out.  Happy Father’s Day and I’ll see you guys on Monday.


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