Slow Weekend

And after the past couple of weeks, I definitely needed one.

There’s something to be said for simply lounging around your house (you know, that thing that you already pay so much money for?), on the weekend.

overheadviewofstreetApparently there were drones over our street on Saturday. 

Instead of leaving home and blowing coin on random “activities,” you can do things like spend a little time in your playhouse…

creepyelmoeyesPeeping Elmo.


ElmochairhousesitShe’s figured out how to sit in the chair like a big girl.

ElmochairgrinsitWhich is, naturally, very exciting and causes her to bounce out of said chair.

You can hang out on your treehouse/slide for a bit…

Or you can work on the sampling/crowd hype for that Polly Wolly Doodle/La Cucaracha/Where Is Thumbkin remix that’s been kicking around your head for weeks.


You could pose for pictures on the couch…


Just before dropping into a “Marlinspike Hitch” yoga pose and falling asleep in Dad’s lap for an hour.


In the end, I should really just enjoy this time while I can get away with it.  Because soon enough the house won’t be good enough for a little girl, and she’ll start demanding to be taken places.


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